Outreach & Education

Since its 2000-01 season, The Cecilia Chorus of New York has provided an educational outreach program that enables young people throughout New York City to attend our Carnegie Hall performances. Our efforts target youths and students who might otherwise never be exposed to classical choral music, and who probably would never get to experience the magic of Carnegie Hall.

The enthusiastic contributions of Chorus members have enabled hundreds of students to hear us sing. We look forward to continuing this program to share the joys of choral music with New York youth.

Do you know of, or are you affiliated with, a group that would benefit from our donation? If so, please let us know! To recommend a group for participation in this program, please contact The Cecilia Chorus of New York's Outreach Coordinator at outreach@ceciliachorusny.org.

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Comments from Past Participants

Thank you so much for welcoming myself and all of my students to the concert at Carnegie Hall. Not only was it an incredible learning experience, but none of them had ever been to Carnegie Hall! You gave them an experience they would never have had otherwise … and they are still raving about it! The best review was from Sheneka, a young student who was in awe of the entire evening. The first thing she said when the concert finished was: "When can I see them again?"

Erika, Global Kids Senior Trainer

The chorus was fabulous, and the baritone and soprano solos were magnificent. It was exciting to sit in Carnegie Hall.Rachmaninoff's "The bells" was just incredibly beautiful – the orchestration was amazing, both moving and dramatic. The acoustics were incredible! What a great evening. Thanks!

Olga, Early Stages Participant

I had no idea that Carnegie Hall was so huge. It was stupendous.

Waldo, Early Stages Participant

I was amazed at the building's acoustics, one could hear everything perfectly. I was really impressed at the interaction of the singers, chorus, and the orchestra's performance in both works.

Claudio, Early Stages Participant

Listening to Rachmaninoff's music, as it vibrates off the golden walls of Carnegie Hall, seems different than listening to it through plastic headphones. I really enjoyed the whole performance. Reading along with the poetic lyrics definitely added to each movement. All of the musicians were fantastically talented. One of the most enjoyable parts of the evening was watching the percussionist frantically racing around to hit each note. It was also great to hear the complete "Carmina Burana" instead of the first recognizable opening.

Jan, Early Stages participant