In the public eye, The Cecilia Chorus of New York is a smoothly running machine. A season is selected, and new works are commissioned. Flyers, posters, and newsletters are written, designed, and distributed. The Chorus website is kept updated. Concert halls are booked and soloists engaged. Notices appear in print media and on the radio. The Playbill programs are filled with background information about the concerts, the performers, and donors. Singers enter, sit, stand, and take bows at the right times and in the right order.

Chorus members see even more: music scores are ordered and sold at rehearsals, which take place in a rented hall where hot drinks and snacks are available during breaks. Membership and attendance lists are kept up to date, dues collected, fundraising events organized, grant proposals written and appeal letters sent out, auditions arranged, and social events are organized for members. The list goes on and on, and all of this is being carried out by volunteers from the ranks of our singers, organized into committees led by members of the board of directors. In this and future newsletters, we will be highlighting the work of a number of our volunteers and committee chairs.



Jeanne Wikler is a director-at-large of The Cecilia Chorus of New York’s board, and in that capacity she has assumed the newly created role of communications coordinator. With a background as a producer and director of documentary film and television, she puts her long journalistic experience to use as writer and co-editor of the Chorus newsletter. “My favorite part of this job is interviewing our guest artists, the soloists, and, when we are commissioning new work, the composers. I have always loved engaging with artists, hearing them talk about their work and their lives as artists, and finding out what drives their passion and what we can learn from them.” Jeanne works closely with Nick Young, who, among other things, brings great digital expertise to the production and distribution of the newsletter.


Nick Young is co-editor and designer of the Chorus newsletter. His background is in international relations with a focus on China, which brought him to New York to work at the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations. He has been at the nonprofit for more than four years, managing a variety of communications, including the monthly newsletter! “It seemed like a no-brainer to volunteer for the Chorus, as I’m able to provide skills that I use every day in the office. Working with Jeanne is a real pleasure—we make a great team—and I’m thrilled that my role has grown so I now get to strategize content with her. I feel more connected to the community and the music itself, which are both important to me in these chaotic times we live in."