Audition Information


All experienced singers are invited to audition.

To schedule an audition appointment: click the button to fill out an audition form, call our Manhattan office at 646-638-2535, or email

Auditions are held throughout the year.


  • Good voice quality and tone

  • A musical ear

  • Some prior sight-singing experience

  • A love of choral singing

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What will the audition be like? Relax! We want you, or we wouldn't be holding auditions. Bring along a brief prepared selection that you like to sing (such as a classical song or aria, or a choral excerpt). You will do some sight-singing and vocalizing to explore your vocal range and quality. We promise to put you at ease!

2. Who are the members? We have a diverse, multi-generational membership numbering approximately 175 mixed voices. Our members come from throughout the region, and from many different walks of life. We are open to anyone who qualifies musically. Many times, new members have told us that this is the friendliest group they've ever joined. We work hard and seriously on the music, but we also enjoy our rehearsals and each other's company enormously.

3. What are the expenses? Dues are $250 per year, payable by the first rehearsal in November ($150 for members joining after the December concert). Members also buy or rent their own music. Please note that no qualified person has ever been refused membership because of an inability to pay dues. A brief, fully confidential conversation with our President or Membership Chair each September is all that will be needed to secure a dues reduction to accommodate an individual’s particular financial situation. 

4. When and where are rehearsals? We rehearse every Monday between Labor Day and Memorial Day, except on national holidays, from 7:30 to 10:00 pm. Transitioning from our longtime former rehearsal location in Turtle Bay, we will be rehearsing (and holding auditions) for the foreseeable future at The Community Church of New York40 East 35th Street between Madison and Park Avenues.

5. What can I expect at rehearsals? Our rehearsals are devoted to interpretation, and deepening each singer’s understanding of the relationship of the part to the whole. Many works are sung in the original languages and you will be coached in the languages at rehearsals. Assignments are made each week via email, and singers are expected to learn the notes and words by themselves. Of course, we do go over the notes of very difficult or tricky passages. Any member who misses more than a specified number of rehearsals in preparation for any concert may be required either to withdraw from that performance, or to re-audition to insure that the required music and interpretation have been learned.

6. Am I required to sell a certain number of tickets? All members who plan to sing in a Carnegie Hall concert are very strongly expected to sell at least 4 tickets to that concert.

7. How do I obtain the music? Each singer purchases his or her own music, which is available for sale or rental at rehearsals, or via download.

8. What do we wear at concerts? Options include: Long (ankle-length) black skirt or dress slacks with black long-sleeved blouse and black shoes; tuxedo or black suit with white shirt and black bow tie, black shoes, black socks.


Soloist Audition Request

Send requests to In the subject, please list your name and voice category.

  • Include the types of roles for which you would like to be considered.

  • If you have a website, include links to your resume, repertoire list, current references, and if possible, sample recordings. In lieu of a website, you may attach your resume, repertoire list, and current references (but no photo, please) to your email.

 We will contact you if we have an opening.